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Archive for January, 2014

Jan 23 2014

Spicy Chili Bowl

Published by under Cooking at Home

Believe it or not, we have both decided to cut back on our carb intake, and that means no rice, breads, pasta, and yes – even fruit! We have heard from so many people that low-carb diets really work and so we are giving it a shot. So far we have been pretty good about [...]

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Jan 17 2014

French Sorrel Pesto – With Pasta and Pizza!

Back in the Fall, we had planted French sorrel in our garden, which is the first time we grew it and my first time eating it!  French sorrel is commonly used in France for many dishes, but not so common here in the states, which is why it’s nice to introduce this unique plant to [...]

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Jan 05 2014

Meyer Lemon Cupcakes with Candied Lemon Zest

Published by under Desserts,Gardening

Welcome to the new year! We hope to entice your taste buds to a whole new level in 2011. If you haven’t already noticed, we now have a Recipe Index link that will take you to everything we have blogged about since January 2009. We’ve come a long way, my friends! Also, just a minor change to [...]

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