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Jan 23 2014

Spicy Chili Bowl

Published by under Cooking at Home

Believe it or not, we have both decided to cut back on our carb intake, and that means no rice, breads, pasta, and yes – even fruit! We have heard from so many people that low-carb diets really work and so we are giving it a shot. So far we have been pretty good about [...]

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Jan 17 2014

French Sorrel Pesto – With Pasta and Pizza!

Back in the Fall, we had planted French sorrel in our garden, which is the first time we grew it and my first time eating it!  French sorrel is commonly used in France for many dishes, but not so common here in the states, which is why it’s nice to introduce this unique plant to [...]

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Jun 10 2011

Succulent Shrimp Scampi

We had our friends Sarah and Mark over for dinner the other week and we wanted to prepare something easy that didn’t require having to stop at the supermarket for ingredients. I like to resort to a recipe that only needs a few fresh ingredients that will make the dish really pop! The Shrimp Scampi [...]

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Apr 19 2011

Honey Walnut Shrimp

Published by under Cooking at Home

It is surprising that we would actually make Honey Walnut Shrimp, seeing that we both dislike mayonnaise! We’ve always been indifferent to this classic Chinese dish that is typically served as one of the 10-courses of a wedding banquet – in fact, it was served at our wedding! I’ve always been curious as to how [...]

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Apr 07 2011

Pork Carnitas with Exotic Spices

Pork Carnitas is a classic Mexican pulled-pork dish that is getting more popular in Mexican restaurants, including one of our favorites, Chipotle. The traditional recipe for carnitas calls for the pork to be submerged in lard and deep fried (um, no thank you.) Instead, we braise the pork in some stock in the oven for [...]

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Mar 13 2011

French Onion Soup

Published by under Cooking at Home

The reason we decided to make French Onion Soup one day was simple: we bought too many red onions and we needed to figure out a way to use it up the best way possible! French Onion Soup is such a classic soup that takes a lot of time and patience to make, but the [...]

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Feb 17 2011

Spicy Beef with Thai Basil

Published by under Cooking at Home,thai

Here is a really simple recipe that is quick to make and tasty to eat! Our friends are always asking us for really simple go-to recipes that doesn’t require a lot of fancy ingredients or complicated steps. All you need is some beef, veggies of your choice, ingredients for the sauce, and of course, thai [...]

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