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May 20 2011

Six Taste Food Tour in Santa Monica

Six Taste Food Tours is the fastest growing company in Southern California’s food tourism industry. It was started in August 2009 by USC grads, Jeff Okita and Alex Tao, who both have a passion for good food. Los Angeles is such a culturally diverse county that offers a fantastic variety of cuisines, so it just [...]

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Apr 14 2010

Umami Sliders – The Savory 5th Taste

We’ve been hearing a lot of hype about the newest LA craze – Umami Burger – which is a hip burger joint that has 4 locations in the Hollywood/LA/Santa Monica area that specializes in burgers with Umami flavorings. “Umami” is basically our 5th taste sense which is better known as savoriness. What you should expect [...]

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Sep 11 2009

Foodbuzz Community Table at Beso in Hollywood

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We were one of the lucky few that were selected to be part of the Foodbuzz Community Table presented by Visa Signature on September 9th. The location? Trendy and sophisticated hot-spot Beso in the heart of Hollywood, co-owned by Eva Longoria Parker. It was an absolute delight to see some fellow food bloggers there as [...]

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Jul 26 2009

Foodbuzz 24, 24, 24: Exploring Little Saigon for the Best Vietnamese Food

Published by under Eating Out,Friends

As a Featured Publisher for Foodbuzz, we were eligible to submit a proposal of a unique meal that we will capture and post to share with the world. Foodbuzz then selects 24 entries and provide the winners with $250 to help make the proposal happen. All 24 dinner entries will be held on the same [...]

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May 03 2009

Dinner at Santa Monica Seafood Cafe

Published by under Eating Out,Friends

Last weekend, we were invited by a friend to have dinner at Santa Monica Seafood Cafe on Wilshire Blvd. It’s a family-run business that offers a wide selection of fresh fish and seafood for retail. For this location, they happened to make a section of this market a small Cafe and Oyster Bar. As you [...]

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Apr 13 2009

Where to Find Cheap & Good Food

Published by under Eating Out

As you can see, I’m a little behind on the posts. It’s been a crazy weekend of festivities for me! (More to come on that later). Here are some pictures to keep you hungry! On Friday night, we went to eat with some friends at May’s Kitchen, a small Chinese restaurant in Artesia. We’ve known [...]

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Feb 08 2009

French Tapas at A|O|C – Is it really worth it?

Published by under Eating Out

Last night, we were invited to celebrate a birthday at AOC, a tapas restaurant and wine bar in LA. When I first heard that we were going here, my first instinct was to Yelp it, just to see what was in store for me. With 259 reviews and averaging a good 4 out of 5 [...]

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