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May 24 2010

Pan Seared Salmon with Spicy Avocado Puree

If you’re wondering why we haven’t posted in the last week–and normally we post at least 2-3 times–it’s because we’ve been busy basking in the sun on the beautiful island of the Bahamas, specifically Paradise Island at Atlantis. Our first time in the Caribbean proved to be quite eventful, adventurous, and delightfully relaxing. We did [...]

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Apr 07 2010

Southwest Chicken & Rice – One Pot Meal!

Published by under Cooking at Home

When it comes to weeknight dinners, I try to make something quick and easy that doesn’t require a lot of crazy ingredients – especially when I cook without Daniel’s supervision.  So the reason why I decided to make Southwest Chicken & Rice is actually really silly… we happened to have a ton of ripe avocados [...]

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Mar 21 2010

Spring is Finally Here and it’s Time to Prep our Garden

Published by under Gardening

As most of you know, we’ve only started gardening seriously since last year. Now that we’re entering our 2nd year, we are feeling more confident about this year’s yield. We spent the weekend harvesting our winter vegetables – like kale, beets, spinach, and radishes. We also went to the local nursery and brought home some [...]

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Feb 15 2009

Semi-Homemade Guacamole and Blueberry Pancakes

Published by under Cooking at Home

Don’t be fooled by my title to think that these two go together in the same dish! It just so happens that both were done around the same time, so I am combining it for this post. Anyway, our neighbor has an avocado tree right by our wall, and he told us to help ourselves [...]

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Feb 03 2009

Will We Ever Eat Out for Sushi Again?

Published by under Cooking at Home

Last  night, Daniel and I celebrated my official birthday by making sushi at home – for the first time!! We were pretty stoked about it! Earlier in the day, we took a trip out to Mitsuwa in Torrance to purchase all the necessities for our sushi-making dinner, not to mention a quick lunch stop at [...]

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