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Feb 26 2010

Chicken Pancit (Filipino Noodles)

Published by under Cooking at Home

There are just those days where we don’t want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen to prepare dinner. And in fact, sometimes we’re so lazy we don’t even want to cook! So contrary to popular belief, just because we have this food blog doesn’t mean we’re constantly cooking every day and having [...]

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Mar 16 2009

BBQing for Friends Sparks an Early Start to Summer

Published by under Cooking at Home

Southern California typically boasts warm weather year-round, so on a whim, we decided to invite some of our friends over for some BBQ this past weekend. And I think our backyard BBQ grill needed some TLC!

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Feb 04 2009

Pan Sauteed Chicken with Vegetables and Herbs

Published by under Cooking at Home

It turned out we only had enough sushi left for yesterday’s lunch, so I had to think of something to do for dinner. I happened to be flipping through Food & Wine magazine when I came across a really simple recipe that calls for all the ingredients I already have at home and needed to [...]

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