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May 05 2011

Mini Churros

Published by under Desserts

The origin of churros goes back to Spain where this “Spanish donut” is usually served for breakfast dipped in hot chocolate. But around here, we consider churros to be more of a snack or dessert – something you can purchase at the local fair or flea market. A couple of years ago, we got invited [...]

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May 03 2010

Carnitas Burrito with Tomatillo Salsa Verde – Along with a May Giveaway Contest

As mentioned in the previous post which we made Grilled Fish Tacos with Rubios Sauce, we have another recipe to share with you in which we incorporated La Tortilla Factory’s 100-calorie whole wheat tortillas. This is also your chance to win a couple of products from La Tortilla Factory for this month’s giveaway! (More details [...]

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Apr 30 2010

Grilled Fish Tacos with Rubios Sauce

In honor of the upcoming Cinco De Mayo celebration, we made Grilled Fish Tacos with Rubios Sauce, all thanks to La Tortilla Factory for sending us some amazing products – like Hand Made Style Corn Tortillas, 100-Calorie Tortillas, and Soft Wrap Tortillas made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil. These are some of their newest products, [...]

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Apr 27 2010

Mini Chocoflan

Chocoflan is a classic Mexican dessert that combines a rich decadent layer of chocolate cake, a creamy layer of flan, and topped with caramel sauce. It is traditionally made in a Bundt pan, but we wanted to make individual Chocoflans so we bought a mini Bundt pan that makes 12 separate cakes. Because of the [...]

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