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Tag Archive 'Cuisine'

Apr 22 2009

A Shish Kebab Sunday

Published by under Cooking at Home

It was just one of those quiet Sundays that called for some R&R. I thought it would be fun to make some shish kebabs to barbecue in our backyard. We had bought our patio furniture late last summer, so we finally got the opportunity to use the BBQ pit in the center of the table. [...]

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Apr 17 2009

BBQ Pulled Pork – Inspired by Bobby Flay

Published by under Cooking at Home

Daniel just happened to be tuning into The Food Network on his flight home on Delta when he saw Bobby Flay prepare Squash Blossoms stuffed with St Louis Pulled Pork. He was inspired to prepare his own version for last night’s dinner. Luckily we still had pork shoulder on hand in the freezer, as well [...]

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Apr 08 2009

Who Knew I Could Make Sweet and Sour Pork?

Published by under Cooking at Home

We had defrosted some pork shoulder that was already cut in cubes, but we didn’t decide on how to prepare it. Since I was getting bored of the regular Lee Kum Kee sauces we had in the cupboard, I decided to do a quick recipe search online for the pork. There were a ton of [...]

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Feb 20 2009

Asian Salad Dressing is Super Simple

Published by under Cooking at Home

Last night we couldn’t figure out what to eat for dinner! We rummaged through the fridge and saw the huge box of salad we bought at Costco and decided to make a chicken salad with Asian dressing. The dressing is very similar to what you would have at Benihana’s or any other Japanese restaurant. It [...]

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Jan 30 2009

Two Meals in One

Published by under Cooking at Home

It’s always smart to think ahead when you are cooking at home, and that means to make the most of whatever you’re preparing. We were able to stretch our meal into two different dinners (think Robin Miller from the Food Network). Last night, we prepared tomatoes stuffed with ground turkey and fresh vegetables (carrots, celery, [...]

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