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Tag Archive 'guacamole'

Aug 27 2009

Ultimate Steak Fajitas

Published by under Cooking at Home

A lot of the dishes we choose to make is usually decided upon what we have in the kitchen or garden. We were overwhelmed with the amount of bell peppers and tomatoes we had, so we figured the best dish we can do, which we haven’t done before, was fajitas. And who better to go [...]

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Feb 15 2009

Semi-Homemade Guacamole and Blueberry Pancakes

Published by under Cooking at Home

Don’t be fooled by my title to think that these two go together in the same dish! It just so happens that both were done around the same time, so I am combining it for this post. Anyway, our neighbor has an avocado tree right by our wall, and he told us to help ourselves [...]

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