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Tag Archive 'Japanese cuisine'

Jun 21 2010

Orange-Infused Teriyaki Chicken

Did we capture your attention yet? Good. One of my all-time favorite dishes which I find comforting and always satisfying is teriyaki, whether it be with chicken or beef. It’s just one of those simple meals that come with rice, veggies, and a side of grilled meat that is beautifully glazed with a teriyaki sauce. [...]

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Apr 15 2009

How About Some Shabu Shabu?

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I love interactive meals like fondue and shabu shabu. It’s self-service fun! Maybe it’s because I like to cook, so it doesn’t seem like work to me, as opposed to those who prefer their food cooked and prepared for them. Last Saturday, we had shabu shabu at a friend’s house – which was definitely planned [...]

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