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Tag Archive 'parsley'

May 26 2010

Pepperoni Shrimp Bites

Published by under appetizers

You must be wondering what the heck is pepperoni and shrimp doing together? No, it’s not a pizza.  And no, it’s not some weird jambalaya hybrid. It’s actually an appetizer we came up with one day when we scrounged to put together a quick dish to bring over to our friend’s house for a get-together. [...]

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Dec 13 2009

Lemon Broiled Orange Roughy

Published by under Cooking at Home

For those who are not familiar with orange roughy, it’s a species of fish that was first fished commercially off New Zealand, and then later off of Australia. Orange roughy has a mild, delicate flavor and moist, large-flaked meat that holds together well after cooking. We bought some frozen orange roughy fillets at Costco, which [...]

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