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Apr 14 2010

Umami Sliders – The Savory 5th Taste

We’ve been hearing a lot of hype about the newest LA craze – Umami Burger – which is a hip burger joint that has 4 locations in the Hollywood/LA/Santa Monica area that specializes in burgers with Umami flavorings. “Umami” is basically our 5th taste sense which is better known as savoriness. What you should expect [...]

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Feb 01 2009

Happy Hour & Happy Times at Kimera Lounge

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This year for my 27th birthday, I wanted to get together with  my friends at Kimera Lounge in Irvine. None of us have been there before, so it was a pleasant surprise for all of us. I got the whole enclosed patio for my group, equipped with soft leather sofas all around, a big screen [...]

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