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Apr 21 2010

Lamb Kabobs and Shepherd’s Salad with Tzatziki Sauce

We have to admit that we were never big fans of Greek or Mediterranean food. Perhaps it’s the taste of the gamy lamb or the fact that they put feta cheese in everything! Well, one day we had dinner with our friend Joyce at Open Sesame Mediterranean Grill on 2nd Street in Long Beach and [...]

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Jun 14 2009

Apple and Onion-Stuffed Pork Chops with Orange Gravy

Published by under Cooking at Home

What a mouthful of a title, huh? And the sad part is, there are a lot more ingredients than that to complete this dish! The recipe was inspired by Sunny Anderson from The Food Network, which I happened to stumble across while searching for a stuffed pork chop recipe. Her recipe actually calls for Orange-Pineapple [...]

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